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You have a dirt bike, now it’s time to personalize it with accessories that fit your needs. When shopping for just the right dirt bike accessories to complement your dirt bike, you do not need to look any further than the list of accessories I have chosen for you below. These are a great mix of dirt bike components and accessories that will make your life easier owning a dirt bike, so let’s look at some cool dirt bike accessories.

Tie Downs With Fork Brace

accessories_for_dirt_bikes If you have a dirt bike you are going to need a good set of tie downs.  If you going to transport your bike with tie downs then you’re going to need and fork brace. Fork support prevents premature damage to fork components due to continuous compressing of the forks while strapped down, Place between the front fender and front tire, and then cinch the front end of the bike down snugly with tie-downs. The rounded end is intended to go towards the tire, while the squared-off end is intended to fit under the front fender. Added stability and confidence during transport. I use the SRT Fork Saver Support Brace it cost around $15, you will not find a better accessory to buy for your bike.

Dirt Bike Stand

Dirt_bike_standThis is one of those accessories that will make your life a lot easier, a great stand allows you to support your bike while performing maintenance and holding your bike when you’re not riding. Not just any stand, those simple metal stand makes getting your bike on top of it a complete workout, and if not done right your bike will fall off. If you are going to get one, get a good one, BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Stand.  I don’t own this stand, but I have one just like it. This one cost around $60 and has 4.5-star reviews.

Fuel Jug With Filler Hose

dirt_bike_fuel_jug_with_hoseNext on the list of cool dirt bike accessories is a fuel jug with filler hose. Don’t use that old red plastic gas can you use for the lawn mowers, you need a cool looking fuel jug. This is not one of those must-have items, but it just makes getting fuel into your bike a little easier. I have a VP Racing jug with filler hose, that all you need, it cost around $35 and the filler hose comes with it. You may find them cheaper, just make sure it comes with a filler hose. The hose makes it easy to add fuel to your dirt bike. I like the VP jug because it has a contoured handle on the bottom of the jug making it easy to hold as you’re pouring fuel.

Graphics Kits

graphic_kitThis is the one I like best, graphics kits allow you to customize your bike to you, and the options are endless. I’m not talking about some generic graphics kit you get from one of the big online superstores, oh no, I’m talking about a graphic designer. Find someone local that does these graphics kits. Many riders don’t use them because they think the cost is too high, and that just not true.

Your local graphic designer can put you together with a kit for around the same price you pay online for some generic kit. I personally use MXG Designs, she may not be local to you, but she is on Facebook, go to her page and you can see her work.  The point I want to make, use a designer to make your graphics, this gives your bike your personality, and that’s cool.

Dirt bike Skid Plate

dirt_bike_skid_plateA skid plate is a must-have accessory, it protects the undercarriage of your dirt bike.  I use Enduro Engineering Skid Plate and it cost around $100, it is one of the best investment you can make for your bike.  A good skid plate will protect those vulnerable engine cases, covers and frame rails from the rocks and other elements without being bulky and heavy.

I say riding without one is not worth the risk to your dirt bike. The cost of a skid plate is small compared to what you’d have to pay to replace your cases, shifter, and brake pedals. One stone will easily put a hole in your casing, make you lose all your oil and seize your engine. Let’s not talk about how much that will cost you.  Adventure out on any local trails and one wrong stick, you’re pushing your bike back to the truck. Trust me you need one of these.

Dirt Bike Brake Guard

Brake_rotor_guard_for_dirt_bike This is one of those accessories many just don’t buy, but bend a rotor on the trail and you wish you had. It has happened to me, hit a rock or something and all of a sudden my back wheel locked up, scared the hell out of me. After inspecting the bike, I notice the brake rotor was bent, had to take a rock an beat in back enough to ride it back to the truck. Needless to say, when I purchase a new rotor I also add a Brake Guard.

I use the Enduro Engineering Rear Disc Guard, it cost around $85, and I have never bent another rotor. It does matter on the type of guard you buy, most are an aluminum shark fin. They offer these in different colors as well. I like the Enduro Engineering guard because if you do hit something and bend the fin, you can just order a new fin.

Dirt Bike Handguards

dirt_bike_handguardsHandguards attach to the handlebars, they protect your hands and clutch levers from damage due to roost, trees, rocks and of course crashes. Now you may be thinking,  that’s what my gloves are for. Gloves indeed provide a level of protection that works in some riding instances. Riding in sand or an open trail or even alone on a track, you likely won’t need the protection of handguards,  but woods riding or riding behind someone is a completely different story.

When you need handguards you’ll know it and wish you had them. I say it’s always best to be prepared. Besides, handguards are easy to install and inexpensive for the level of protection you and your bike gets. It easy to wash out in a corner, even for the best riders, and handguards protect the bike and you, should you crash. I have a pair of Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong on my KTM, they cost around $75, and they look great on the bike. Shop around and you can find other brands that are a little cheaper, they all provide the same level of protection. It is more of a preference on what type and style you like.

Dirt Bike Fork Bleeders

Fork_air_bleedersAs you ride or if the bike has sat for a few days the forks will tend to build up air inside the forks them-self, this air needs to be bled off before each ride. Fork bleeders allows bleeding off air pressure without tools, reducing harshness caused by air build-up.  One of the easiest bolt-on upgrades you can make to your forks, simply replace the OEM bleeder screw with the micro bleeder.

With the bike still on the stand and the front tire off the ground it as simple as pushing the top of the bleeder valve, and your done.   No more getting out the right tool to unscrew the screw to let the air bleed off. I use a set of Motion Pro Bleeders, they cost around $15, they are a bit hard to install (I just removed the handlebars, that made it very easy). So much better than the stock air bleed screws!

Radiator Guards

Dirt_bike_radiator_guardsRacing Radiator Braces are designed to protect your expensive and fragile radiators from side impacts and twisting during a fall. Do you need radiator guards? If you are like me you are going to want a pair. All it takes is washing out in some loose or sandy corner, now you and your bike are on the ground, we have all done it.  At least with radiator guards, you’ll protect your radiators from the abuse they take during a crash like this.

They are bike specific, so make sure you get ones that fit your make, model and year.  I have a set of the SRT Pro-Armor Aluminum radiator guards on my KTM, they are a bit pricey at $180.  However, a new OEM radiator for my bike is $149 plus the work to replace the busted radiator, so for me, these are a no-brainer. Besides, these things look cool on your bike.

Final Take

That’s it, my list of cool dirt bike accessories that every dirt bike should have. After you have all these accessories you can keep adding to your list with items like a cooling fan, add some color to your shiftier, foot-pegs, and brake paddle – the list goes on… The cool thing is some of these will also help protect you and your bike, I would start with the components that add a layer of protection to your bike, then move on to the cosmetic items. With a few hundred dollars and a free weekend, you can have your dirt bike loaded with these items, let’s get started. Until next time, stay safe while your ride.

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